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//  Origin:  Linz, Austria
//  Genres:  Electronic, Film Music,                       Pop, Dubstep
//  Years Active:  2018 - Present
//  Label:  ATS Records
Short Bio

I am a young violinist from Linz, Austria. I started taking violin-lessons when I was four years old and I take lessons to the present day. Over the years, my violin has become one of my dearest friends and I aim to show the world that it is so much more than just a classical instrument.

I released my debut album “New Beginnings” in January 2019. The music I compose is full of soft melodies and captivating rhythms in genres that range from theatrical film music to dubstep and electronic.

I perform at business parties, weddings, dinners, balls and various other events and I share my music wherever I go.





Tech Rider


Label: ATS Records, Reinhard Brunner |

Management: Christoph Fischer |

Booking: Kirstie Elen |

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