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"A young musical talent from Wilhering is causing a furor with her violin."

- Silke Kreilmayr, Tips Linz-Land

"The violin is MORE."

- Kirstie Elen

"Violin? How boring! Not in the hands of the aspiring 23-year-old Wilheringer."

- Lukas Luger, OÖ Nachrichten

MORE than a classical instrument

Kirstie Elen has made it her main goal to show that her beloved classical instrument is in fact MORE than a classical instrument; that it can do more than play Mozart and Vivaldi. The violin does not only fit into a chamber orchestra and it does not only sound nice next to cembalos and other stringed instruments - no, it also harmonises with Dubstep wobbles, deep bases, and modern rhythms. 

MORE than Pop & Electronic

Kirstie is a young talent from Linz, Austria. She released her first album, New Beginnings, in 2019 and it shows without a doubt "what the violin is capable of." But something that is also important to Kirstie next to Rock, Pop, and Electronic genres is emotion. Some of her tracks belong to a genre that she likes to call "Modern Classic" - a genre that is remarkably close to film score and trailer music. Surrounded by by deep, dark bass and theatrical orchestra, the soft, distinctive sound of the violin shines brightest and it is within this atmosphere that it best conveys feelings.

MORE than skill   // Why "Elen"?

Kirsties stage name "Elen" comes from her

first violin teacher, Elena, who died from cancer when Kirstie was 11 years old. It was Elena who taught Kirstie one of the most fundamental aspects of playing the violin: namely how to play with your heart. 


The violin is and it can do more. It cannot only sound amazing in various genres, but it can also convey feelings and tell stories. Its bright sound can illuminate darkness - and in Kirstie Elen's music, you'll hear what that sounds like.

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